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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Little Monkeying Around

This past Thursday I had a great opportunity to photograph the life development team at Eastlake Church in Chula Vista for there next children's series based on an Indiana Jones theme. The team did a great job with some props and their costumes were spot on for the shoot. They are a great bunch to work with always willing to follow a little artistic direction and not afraid to offer up some ideas of their own. These are the folks that work directly with the children every weekend and they do a phenomenal job keeping the children interested and plugged in to the teachings of Jesus Christ. My own children attend these classes and never complain about having to go to church.

For the technical aspects of the shoot Mr. Dan Castrellon provided his Norman strobes for the main lights and also provided the background and technical support. I provided my Hensel's to help blow out the background for a high key effect so that it would be easier to mask. I did the shooting using my Nikon D700 set to F16 at 1/125 and ISO 400. The lights were set at varying ratios with the mains being fired into silver umbrellas and the rear fills using a softbox and a beauty dish. There was also a third background light that was aimed directly at the backdrop bare bulb.

I also need to give a great big shout out to Nikki Wells of Nikki Wells Photography who is also a member of the photo team at the church. She bravely answered the call of the wild when no one else was willing to step forward and wear the super happy monkey costume. Nikki you made a fabulous monkey and I think your kids will be scarred for life after seeing there Mom's head on the monkey body when the monkey head came off.

All in all I am very pleased with the results and I know the team will do a great job in post and putting together another awesome presentation for the kids. Good job guys on continuing to do the work of the Lord glad I could help.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Park View Little League Homecoming Pics

If you read my previous post you would know that a client of mine, Steve Eicher of It's Time Public Address Announcing, hired me to document the Park View Little League Homecoming to Chula Vista CA. I thought I would post up a few of the pics I took that day for your viewing pleasure. I love my art of photography and this style of journalistic coverage is very appealing. First in a journalistic style you have the freedom to flow with the events as they unfold. You also have to have your head on straight with eyes and ears wide open to try to anticipate events as they are coming up. This was especially true at this event as much of my information on what was coming up was gleaned from staff as they were talking and I was within earshot. I love the freedom my clients give me to be able to use my best judgement to be able to document as I want and feel. That is what this art is about to me it is about emotion, movement, light, moments all rolled into the same exact point in time when my shutter clicks. Man I love my chosen art form. So here are some photos from the event for you to enjoy and hopefully they will impart some of the emotion that was felt during the event by me and all, approximately 10,000, who attended.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well what's new. A client of mine, Steve Eicher of Unique Mobile Sounds, had me out to shoot the Park View Little League Homecoming and what an event it was. Being able to be on the field during the event was incredible. The stadium at Southwestern College was filled to overflowing. The estimate was that 10,000 people were there to support these great young men, their coaches, families and support staff after their win of the Little League World Series. The energy from the field was just incredible and Steve Eicher kept the crowd pumped up and did a phenomenal job as the official emcee of the event.

Several dignitaries were present at the event including the Chula Vista Mayor, her husband Ron Cox, local representative Marty Block, U.S. Representative Bob Filner, and the list goes on. It was great seeing all of these people rallying around the kids and their coaching staff and when the kids arrived on the back of a Chula Vista fire rig the place errupted with cheers and applause. I of course had to concentrate on the job at hand and began snapping off shots as fast as I could as these local heroes walked into the stadium. I also had my good friend Mike Thiem with me as my second photographer and he did a great job of capturing some awesome moments.

These kids were as humble as could be, they truly loved the crowd and were obviously just trying to take it all in. I was able to be the only photographer to gain access to the VIP area after the event and talking to these guys one on one you really realize what a class act they all are. Every one of their parents should be proud. So thanks to Steve Eicher, Cheryl Cox (Chula Vista Mayor) and all involved for a memorable event.

Below is a video showing myself and Mike at the event doing what we love to do. I am at the beginning of the video shooting as they come into the fenced area. I am wearing a black cap. Mike is in a blue button up shirt shooting them on the infield area.

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