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Monday, May 31, 2010

Florian Schulz's Nature & Wildlife Photography Tips - Taking Nature Photos

Another excellent interview by Marc Silber with German Landscape and wildlife photographer Florian Schulz. The images Florian turns out are truly inspiring to me. the way he stalks his shots sometimes taking days, weeks or months of revisiting locations until he comes away with shots he is proud of is what high quality photography is all about. He has a dedication to his craft and it definitely shows in his photos. You will not be disappointed after watching this video so sit back, relax and absorb. Peace.

Florian Schulz's Nature & Wildlife Photography Tips - Taking Nature Photos

Monday, May 10, 2010

What's In The Bag w/ Jim McHugh- Fine Art photographer needs instant grat

Do yourself a favor and check out this phenomenal photographer, Jim McHugh as he discusses his process for capturing his images. I was glued to this video as he uses Graflex 4X5 view cameras with Polaroids. This is photography at it's essence. I have said many times that the resurgence of film will be rapid and drastic as people move from the instant gratification of digital to the center of the art form again. I love shooting film and digital but the nostalgia associated with my film work is a pure love and respect for the medium. This will be a real treat. There are three parts to this interview please watch them all.

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