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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Walking on Water

Mind over matter is a common saying but I would have not believed this if I had not seen it here.  there are so many great life lessons to be seen and heard in this video.  Believe in yourself and your abilities and you too might walk on water.  Check it out and stay sexy ya'll.

Well start selling those DSLR's now the first card in the house of digital image capture is falling.  Those old  Canon EOS 1V's and Nikon F6's might just start to skyrocket in price soon.  I'll take my Mamiya II anyday.  Long live film.  Check out the article below where Kuwait has now banned the use of digital single lens reflex cameras in public places.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Social Media Gone Very Bad!!!!

For those of you who have to check Facebook every minute to make sure you are not missing a post or must have the constant stream of short snippets from Twitter or your day is not complete. This video is for you.  I have to admit I am guilty also.  Enjoy!!!

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