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Friday, April 9, 2010

Wow two posts for today I must really have nothing better to do but I really needed to pass this on to you. I get a news feed from The Strobist and he turned me onto this video that is almost one hours worth of excellent learning about a on location commercial shoot that could normally cost you but is provided for free by Photoshelter. Photoshelter has some great learning for free so check em out and enjoy this excellent on location lighting session. Guess I really really really need an Elinchrom 74" Octa now. Of course a slew of Profoto 7b's wouldn't hurt either. Enjoy and stay sexy ya'll.
Hello out there in the vast wasteland of the internet. I was doing some research on what kind of video experience I could gain from DSLR for additional offering to my clients and came across some other fantastic videos. I am a Nikon shooter by choice so I am particularly interested in what a Nikon can do for me and am quite impressed. I am not looking to go into the videography business but do believe the ability to capture short high def video clips has a lot of great potential for not only journalism but all of the other photography disciplines I partake in. So I thought I would post some of those videos here on the blog for you to enjoy. These are amazing videos generated by very talented creatives and I can only hope to aspire to this level of accomplishment. So sit back and enjoy the shows. Till next time stay sexy!

This first video is by Vincent Munier and is titled Summer Variations. Amazing wildlife coverage from this talented photog. This video was shot on the Nikon D3s

This next video is from Bill Frakes and is titled All Over Down Under. This video was shot
completely on the Nikon D3s and I think you will agree will take your breath away.

This final video is by the talented Ami Vitale and is titled Mirages. This video was shot
completely on the Nikon D300s and is amazing also on it's execution and craftsmanship.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Marc Silber Interview with Hunter Freeman

Here is a great interview with photographer Hunter Freeman. I love his concept of keeping things simple and removing the clutter from you photos to increase impact and interest without overload. Lots of great info in this interview so enjoy and subscribe to Marc Silber's blog to keep updated on future episodes.


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