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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Next Lens Just Arrived

Well Nikon finally made some new lens announcements and since I am not honored to be among the testers I am learning of it first hand and sharing with you. The lens I now lust after is the new and just announced, drumroll please, Nikkor 24mm F1.4 ahhhhhhh. This is a lens I have been desiring for some time now. I love my 50mm F1.4 but in certain situations just wanted something wider. I currently have the 14 - 24mm F2.8 which is a phenomenal lens all on its own but can not throw focus like a F1.4 and after all an F1.4 has 4 times the light gathering ability so you can shoot at two full stops less in ISO in order to preserve image quality. I love using F1.4 at weddings especially to get those natural light moody shots and let's face it getting a shot with just candle light is plain awesome. I will be first on the list to get this lens when it is released and will post some work with it as soon as I can. Until next time take care and God be with you. By the way I apologize for not being on here as much as I wanted to but life happens. I promise to keep new information and work coming at a greater pace in the future.

Here are some of the Stats:

Main Features

  • A fast, wide-angle lens with a fixed focal length of 24mm at the maximum aperture of f/1.4
  • Fast lens with a maximum aperture of f/1.4 that allows users to capture images with beautiful blur characteristics
  • ED glass and aspherical lens elements are utilized for a new optical design that achieves high resolution and good balance in terms of aberration for pleasing blur characteristics
  • The adoption of Nano Crystal Coat effectively reduces ghost and flare
  • Quiet focusing with built-in Silent Wave Motor (SWM)
  • Two focus modes selectable - M/A and M

Till next time take care and stay sexy!!!!!!!!!

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