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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hotlanta to Hampton

Hi all,

Well here I am at 1 am posting to my blog from Hampton Va. My buddy Randy Torres of www.randorex.com are here in Hampton Va. to shoot a sweet wedding. The couple is awesome and we are both stoked to be here on my first destination wedding. Big congrats to the couple Kierston and Dominic and thanks for the hospitality.

The trip started out well enough with good intentions. But things would prove to not be so smooth in no time. We missed our 6am flight from San Diego yes that is right 6am so I was up around 4am. So we missed the flight even though we were at the airport over 1.5 hours early. The baggage check in line and security line were longer than the lines at Disneyland. So we cought the next flight after a couple of hours then ended up in Hotlanta, Georgia. Heat and hunidity go hand in hand in Georgia and Virginia for that matter. Well to get to our departing terminal in Hotlanta we had to take a train and walk for about 5 miles man that is a big airport. After all of that walking we waited for another couple of hours only to find that only one of us could get on that flight. So we both stayed to catch the next flight out but the bright side was a soldier was waiting on standby also and was able to get on the plane which was awesome.

We then had to take another train to another concourse to catch the next flight out and spent a grand total of 4+ hours in Hotlanta. With the time change from the west coast and all I was getting beat. Well we made it on the flight and finally arrived in Norfolk Virginia around 8:50pm and was glad to finally have the end of this journey straight out of a twilight zone in sight. Our bags were already waiting for us and so were the lovely bride and groom. Well got to get going must get sleep for next 18 hours straight thanks to black out curtains and air conditioning which is an absolute necessity around these here parts. Join me next time for the continuing saga of my first destination wedding. You can also click the galleries link above to visit the engagement photo page for Kierston and Dominic.

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