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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Searching for the LIght with Tom Hido

Every once and a while I will come across a photographer that really inspires me to dig deeper in order to move past the mundane and boring and strive for perfection.  Todd Hido is one such photographer.  When I viewed his body of work I was struck by the realism in a sea of over processed, over saturated and just plain blaahhhhh photos out there.  I knew there was something different about Todd's work besides just the captivating subjects and the minimalism he brings to his photos.  The photos had a great depth to them in tonality and color but were real and tangible to my eye.  He also, get ready for this, shoots film yes you heard right film.  Todd prefers to use a Pentax 6X7 SLR for his body of work.  I love his reasoning which is if it isn't broke don't fix it.  He shoots with 400 speed color negative film and processes his own prints in his darkroom.  I am of the opinion that the nest in fine art images are still being produced on medium format film or larger formats.  His personal art does inspire me to look further within myself then project outward my photographic desires.  This is a great interview with Todd done a short while ago which helps you peer into his way of seeing.  I hope you are as enlightened as I was.  Enjoy.

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