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Friday, March 25, 2011

Pocket Wizard Love

Hey all, just wanted to do a little intro to my latest acquisitions the newly released Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 , the Flex TT5 and the AC3 zone controller for Nikon.  I am super excited to be able to finally get these gems in my hot little hands.  Ever since the Canon version came out I have been anxiously awaiting for Pocket Wizard to finally produce the Nikon version since that is my camera system of choice.  Well, just got them all out of the boxes and did a few test shots and the one awesome thing I can tell you right up front is I am getting spot on TTL exposures using Hyper Synch capabilities at 1/400th of a second yes you read that right 1/400th of a second.  Can you say awesome exposures in bright sunlight.  This is not the magical High Speed Synch which reduces your flash power this is a straight up regular exposure using TTL.  So am I happy oh yea I am.  The capabilities of these units is incredible and I can not wait to get out in some crappy midday light to give them a try.  We currently have rain and a nice blanket of clouds so that will have to wait.  As far as range, I had my son watching the flash connected to the TT5 as I walked around my 3400 square foot home trying to put as many walls and obstacles between me and the flashes as possible and not one did the Pocket Wizards not fire.  Awesome.  My first real test of the system will come next week when I do an engagement shoot on location.  We are going to be doing a little hiking to a location so the portability of my system will be paramount.  I will let you know how it goes and post up some pics after the shoot.  Well that's it for now be well and stay sexy!!!!!

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