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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Walk in The Park

Had a great day today hanging out with the photoministry from my church. Glad to see all those that could make it and hope those who could not are doing great. Also had a great time hanging out with my good friend Dan and then going to Oggi's for a little after the photo shoot chow and adult beverage. It was a great day for some interesting photos. The sky was overcast badly for much of the morning and we even got a few sprinkles here and there however, when I see those gloomy skies I immediately think of HDR. HDR just seems capable of making a low contrast, dreary sky into something magical. I am always blown away by the way the processing can bring the best together and yield some mind blowing images. I hope you enjoy the pics, they were rushed a bit and I tried a few new tweaks here and there. For anyone who is wondering, I start my workflow in Lightroom (Currently 2 until the full release of 3 comes out). I then select the photos for processing and export to Photomatix then it is back intoLightroom (I love the Photomatix - Lightroom integration). After the import back intoLightroom it is off to Photoshop where the final curves adjustments, levels adjustments, masking and noise reduction (Noiseware by Imagenomic <----- Love this does an awesome job) is completed. Of course Photoshop (CS4 by the way) is tightly integrated with Lightroom so the pics are saved right back into Lightroom. Well that about sums up my workflow. Honestly most of my wedding, event, corporate etc. etc. workflow can be easily handled in Lightroom but HDR requires a lot more finesse to get a final product I am happy with. Well gotta go gonna loose an hour of sleep tonight from some reason or other. Till I blog again you stay sexy.

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